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cartoon_dollies's Journal

Cartoon Dollies
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::: Welcome To The LJ Dollhouse !! :::

This is a community for creators of cartoon dolls / candybar dolls / minis etc to post, share, show off their dollie-creations, exchange tips, techniques, and even dolls :o) Anyone is welcome (from beginner to advanced) so sign up today! - Tell your friends - it'd be great to have a lot of members in the club! ^_^

::: Updates :::

** New Rule: if you're posting 3 or more dolls, please just link the pics, and try to keep the pictures posted on the small-ish side - if you'd like, you can edit your postings to the new rule - thank you very much.

** Themes: Beginning next week, I'm going to be creating weekly themes to keep our community active, and members posting.

::: Theme For Week Of March 21 :::

"Doll" versions of yourself and your best friend(s) - be creative !